Yves Saint Laurent Parisiennel’essentiel For Women – Perfume Review

ParisienneL’Essentiel – The Novelty of the Autumn Season 2011

Perfumed water ParisienneL’Essentiel Eau de Parfum by YSL – a novelty in 2011

Perfume ParisienneL’Essentiel – exquisite “elixir of femininity”, the most sensual and complex variation on the theme of the frank feminine fragrance Parisienne (2009). The novelty was launched by the Yves Saint Laurent brand (Yves Saint Laurent) in September 2011.

“A woman has great freedom, freedom of thought and deeds. She knows how to enjoy life and love, so Paris is happy to welcome her into her arms, eagerly dissolving in it … She has an angelic face and body that says that she was not alone this night … A woman in an evening gown at dawn. Scandalous? Free – she believes. She is a woman of Yves Saint Laurent. True Parisian “(the official press release to the new fragrance).

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Oriental-flower composition ParisienneL’essentiel opens with a juicy berry chord of blackberry, decorated with sweet vanilla accompaniment. In the heart of the fragrant pyramid, the damask roses, irises and jasmine sambak romantically smell. A warm sexy chord of suede, musk and beans Tonka creates an incredibly sensual harmony in the final of YSL ParisienneL’essentiel.

The bottle for the L’Essentiel edition retained the classic features of the bottle created in 2009 for the “Parisian”. To emphasize the exquisite and, according to the announcements of the developers, the most sensual in the perfume series, the design emphasizes the details. The “wrinkled” glass bottle is painted in languid plum shades, completely dissolving to the bottom, which reminds the sky before sunrise. The design of the lid combines gold and black lacquer.

Simultaneously with the release of the interpretation of L’Essentiel, YSL launched a new advertising company for the perfume line Parisienne. A young French model and actress Marina Vakht (Marine Vacth), who replaced the famous top model Kate Moss in this role, was invited to present the popular fragrance. According to the top manager of Yves Saint Laurent Parfums Natalie Durand, “Marina Vakht fascinated us with her grace, purposeful character and sparkling look. In Yves Saint Laurent, we always strive to disclose new talents, and this time we continue to follow this line. “Within the framework of the company, a commercial was shot and a photo session was held. The video sounds in the video”Trust in me” performed by the legendary American singer Etta James (Etta James).

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The novelty ParisienneL’Essentiel is published in the concentration of perfumed water (Eau de Parfum) in bottles of 30 and 50 ml EDP. For the autumn-winter season. Evening perfume.

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