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Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne for women – Perfume Review

Parisienne – the ultra-feminine fragrance of “true Parisian”

Perfumed water Parisienne Eau de Parfum from Yves Saint Laurent – launched in 2009

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne for womenPerfume YSL Parisienne (Parisian from Yves Saint Laurent) is a frank and sensual, romantic ultra-feminine fragrance presented by the legendary French Haute Couture House Yves Saint Laurent in 2009. Parisienne is a modern heir of the charming traditions of the Paris fragrance from YSL, the perfume masterpiece of the 80s. ” Parisienne – a portrait of an incredibly free woman, free in her thoughts and deeds” (official press release)

The compilers of the mysterious floral-wood composition, led by the fragrant symbol of Paris – arose in its soft watercolour tonality, perfumers of the company IFF. Sophia Grojsman (Sofia Groisman), the author of such masterpieces of perfumery art as Paris from Yves Saint Laurent (1983), Tresor from Lancome (1990) and CK Eternity (1988), was a legendary owner, albeit unofficial, of the title of “queen of pink fragrances” tandem with the famous “nose” of Sophie Labbe (Sophie Labbe).

Bright berry opening of the composition Parisieneis based on a harmonious union of sour-tart, slightly bitter nuances of juicy cranberry notes, such daring and resolute, and soft notes of blackberry – sensual and fascinating. These moments of the first impression are decorated with a modern veneer of the vinyl chord – “stylish chip”, which resembles the smell of high heels, on the hot city asphalt, fashion lacquer with a glossy sheen and a specific fragrance cosmetic. A lush floral bouquet from the classical consonance of the Damascus rose and a violet with fine patches of peony creates the enveloping “heart” of the perfume pyramid – the “heart” of a real woman, completely absorbed by the passionate rhythm of romantic Paris. Absolute femininity, extracted from the luxurious fragrance of the rose, flawlessly combines with “a little powdery and incredibly velvety, like the skin of a Parisian»Violet note and fresh beads of dew drops with greenish peon halftones. An intense woody chord at the heart of the composition Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne – “the night of love” – is the embrace of a manly vetiver, with erotic shades of musk and sandalwood in a mysterious frame of warm patchouli.

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A beautiful bottle design (the shape resembles a grenade), created on the basis of the fragrance of Paris YSL, “like a labyrinth of Parisian streets”, “crumpled, like sheets”, on which the heroine of a new perfume instantly reigned. “Like the sky in the early morning,” mysteriously shines the intimate pale pink colour of a glass bottle. The Yves Saint Laurent trademark YSL logo, printed with gold on black leather, fits harmoniously into the sculptural composition, perfectly matching with the elegant golden cap with a facet.

The “face” of the perfume advertising company was the super popular British top model Kate Moss (Kate Moss). Photo-session for advertising «Parisienne», authored by the famous photographer Craig McDean (Craig McDin), was held at the Place de la Concorde (Place de la Concorde – the central square of Paris) against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. The video was as frank and sexy as the fragrance itself, and Kate showed herself to be the ideal embodiment of the image of the Parisian.

“It appeared almost imperceptibly, in the first hours of the day. True PARIS, by body, soul, manners. She knows how to love, she knows how to live. So Paris adopted it. A woman in black after a sleepless night. The devil with the face of an angel. A woman in evening dress at the dawn of the day. Scandalous? No, just free. Woman Yves Saint Laurent. PARISJANKA and this is a compliment! “(Press release from the official website)

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As a musical accompaniment in the advertising plays the composition “I Feel You” of Depeche Mode.

In September 2011, a new advertising company Parisienne with a young French model and actress Marina Vakht (Marine Vacth) in the title role started. According to the top manager of Yves Saint Laurent Parfums Natalie Durand, “The girl fascinated us with her grace, purposeful character and sparkling look.” In the video, there is a song “Trust in Me” performed by the legendary American singer Etta James (Etta James).

The perfume line Parisienne from Yves Saint Laurent was already decorated in 2010 with two versions of the original: the toilet water Parisienne Eau de Toilette and the intense Parisienne A L’Extreme. The novelty of the autumn season 2011 –   ParisienneL’Essentiel from YSL – is the most sensual interpretation of the modern fragrance.

The fragrance was issued in a concentration of Eau de perfume in bottles of 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml EDP. Perfume “Parisian” according to the developers are created for women at the age of 30 years and are perfect for the warm season as an evening and daytime fragrance.

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