Parisienne A L'Extreme

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne A L’Extreme for Women – Perfume Review

Parisienne A L’Extreme by Yves Saint Laurent

Perfumed water ParisienneaL’Extreme Eau de Parfum from YSL – launched in 2010

Perfume Parisienne A L’Extreme – a stormy continuation of the history of modern Parisian, first told in 2009 in the fragrance of Parisienne from Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent). Inspired by “sensual temptation … mysteriousness … and eroticism”, the new “extreme” edition is saturated with a chic vintage charm, perfectly emphasizing femininity and beauty. The authors of the perfume are Sophie Labbe (Sophie Labbe) and Sophia Grojsman (Sofia Groisman).

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Improved, more intense and complex floral-woody, a powdery composition has an almost perfect look. A bold, fruity and musky note of the essence of the blackberry in harmony with a light vanilla nuance creates a bright introduction of the fragrance. Velvet notes of violets and an intoxicating elixir of the Damascus rose merged into the charming “heart” of ParisienneAL’ExtremeYSL, surrounded by mysterious and warm chords of patchouli, soft suede and sensual musk.

The bottle form for the A L’Extreme edition retained the features of the original version. To emphasize the more intense and mysterious nature of the fragrance, the design emphasizes the details. So the glass bottle is painted in a gradient of juicy purple hues, converging in an impenetrable dark colour in the bottom of the bottle, and the golden cover is decorated with black leather.

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The fragrance of Parisienne A L’Extreme represents the top model of Kate Moss (Kate Moss).

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