Tips for a Beautiful Skin

Tips for a Beautiful Skin 2018

Skin care is not easy

As you can see, it is not easy to maintain mixed skin. The malocclusion is very fast. This means that you need to develop an ingenious cleaning program and care program to make your skin look good and beautiful. Never buy products for dry skin or oily skin. These are not suitable for mixed skin. It is therefore indispensable that you use care products for mixed skin because they have a balancing effect. Dry areas are moisturized and greasy areas are frosted. Here are our 5 tips on how to take care of your skin.

Skin Care – 5 tips for a beautiful skin

Tip 1 – Cleansing the cleanser

When cleaning, you should use a mild, pH-neutral Syndet that cleans the skin gently and does not irritate the dry spots. For cleansing skin is the cleansing gel, which foams in connection with water, just the right thing. Under no circumstances should you use soap, as this will attack the acid protection coat of the skin very strongly? After a thorough cleansing, use facial water that does not contain alcohol, because alcohol will dry out the skin. Once a week you should make a peeling, using it mainly in the area of the T-Zone, where the skin is prone to impurities.

Tip 2 – Apply facial mask

Once a week, you should treat your skin to something good and apply a facial mask. The best is a cleaning mask or a vitamin mask. A vitamin mask not only contains many vitamins, but also essential oils that relax and balance your stressed skin. Through a face mask, your skin will be beautifully smooth and supple, as well as unsightly redness disappear.

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Tip 3 – Fighting Skin Deficiencies, unfortunately, the mixed skin

Tends to lead to impurities in the area of the T-Zone, so you must also fight them specifically. Corresponding products for skin irritation, such as antibacterial, alcoholic facial water, should be used only for these areas; otherwise, you would leach the rest of your skin too much.

Tip 4 – Use care creams Care

Creams, which are declared for all types of skin, must be viewed with certain skepticism, as a care must always be adapted individually to a specific skin type. In many cases, these facial creams are too rich, so that more impurities are formed in the T-zone. Therefore, you are looking for products that are suitable for mixed skin. My favorite is, for example, Garnier Hautklar.

Also in the field of anti-aging, it is very difficult to find a suitable product for mixed skin. It seems almost impossible that anti-aging care and care for mixed skin can be combined. Frequently it is, therefore, necessary to use two facial creams, one for the care of the mixed skin and another for the signs of the aging of the skin.

Tip 5 – makeup

If you have mixed skin, then you should also use only foundations suitable for such a skin. Special make-up products for mixed skin regulate sebum production, at the same time the dry areas are supplied with sufficient moisture. If you want to protect your skin, use an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory concealer.

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