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Tips Against Dry Lips

Lips do not have an under-skin fatty tissue especially

In the winter most people have to struggle with dry lips, because the dry heating air and the cold put our lips strongly. But also strong sunshine can have unpleasant consequences for our lips. This is due to the fact that the lips do not have any subcutaneous fat tissue so that the sensitive and thin skin dries very quickly. Many then resort to a lip care stick, which is available in countless designs in the trade. However, more and more people are finding that they have to use it more and more as if their lips get used to it.

Lip care sticks help only temporarily Lip care

Sticks cannot permanently moisturize the lips, but the lips only temporarily and superficially smooth. In addition, a lot of products contain mineral oil, which permanently removes moisture from the lips. However, there are also some home remedies that allow you to treat dry lips. If no action is taken against the dry lips, you may also want to consult a doctor, because in some cases a lack of vitamins or minerals can also be behind. Here are some tips that are simple but very effective.

9 tips against dry lips

There are some creams that can help with regular application to keep the lips soft and supple. These include vaseline, milking fat and marigold ointment. Just before you go into the cold in winter, you should protect your lips with such an ointment. They are usually free of many unnecessary ingredients. By their fat content they ensure that the dry and chapped lip skin is smoothed and soothed.

For dry and brittle lips the application of natural honey has proven itself, because this contains many valuable ingredients, which the lips care wonderfully. Honey is really a great home remedy for brittle lips because it accelerates the healing of small cracks that can result from dehydration. Apply the honey to your lips approximately once or twice a day. After an exposure time of three minutes, wipe it off. Do not lick the honey with your tongue. As a result, the lips are moistened again, which promotes dehydration. The honey can also be applied after shower or bathing, since the pores are then opened and the skin is thus much more receptive.

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Just as important as the external care, is also a sufficient liquid supply. The best drinks that also benefit the skin are mineral water, buttermilk or unsweetened tea. If you drink enough, the skin is plumper and can store moisture better. If you drink a lot every day, do not just leave your lips to something good, but to your entire skin.

Olive oil has many valuable ingredients and can provide for the skin’s refatting. High-quality olive oil can therefore be applied to your lips. The oil helps dry skin to restore moisture again. In addition, as well as the honey, it ensures that cracked areas are closed again.

Before applying a lip care, you can occasionally make a light peeling to remove dead skin cells. Very softly and effectively, this is achieved with a soft toothbrush, which allows you to easily massage the lips. Then a lip care is applied, which makes the lips gently soft. However, you can also use a peeling of sugar and olive oil to remove the skin. Besides the removal of the skin cells, the blood circulation of the lips is also stimulated. At the same time, this peeling is also very effective.

Of course, you can also use lip care sticks, but you should only rely on high-quality products that do not contain mineral oils. It is best to use care products from the pharmacy or exclusive natural cosmetics. Lip care sticks made of natural wax, with jojoba, olive oil or sesame also help very well against brittle lips. You can also make your own lip balm. Just add 5 grams of wax, 5 grams of cocoa butter and 10 grams of almond oil into a bowl. Then heat all the ingredients in a water bath. If the whole is melted, you can fill it in a crucible and let it cool. Finished is your homemade lip balm.

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However, you can also mix food quark with some honey, so that a tough paste is produced. These must be applied thickly to your lips and left to work for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove with a cloth, the lips are then completely tender.

It should also be very helpful to drink plenty of carrot juice, and apply it directly to the lips. You can also apply the egg whites of fresh eggs to your lips.

If your lips are cracked and painful, then you need to resort to a miracle. Especially the lip cream is to effect wonders when the lips are torn. Alternatively, you can also apply ointments containing zinc to your lips. They are very good for rapid wound healing.

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