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Secrets of Eye Makeup

Change the shape of the eyes with Make Up

Every woman and, of course, every man has a certain eye shape by nature, you cannot change that. If you also find that your eyes are too small, then you should not bluff. With the appropriate Make Up, you can change the shape of your eyes visually. With only a few tricks, it is thus possible to make the view much more advantageous. The universally valid beauty ideals are still as large as possible, since the view then appears more radiant and alert.

Eyes optically magnify – 5 tips

Have you ever heard of a child pattern? The characteristics of this scheme include, besides a small nose, a small chin, round cheeks and a soft skin, large round eyes. Women with these characteristics are more attractive to men. Even if you are not able to change your nose or chin in a natural way, you can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. When applying make-up to the following tips, look your eyes look much bigger.

Tip 1 – Plucking

Your eyebrows In order to make your eyes look bigger; you should make sure that your eyebrows are not too wide. They make the eyes seem even smaller. Pluck wild growing hair under the eyebrows regularly, then your eyes and the eyebrows appear distinctly separated from each other. Their look is not only much more open, but also fresher.

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Tip 2 – eye shadow and kajal

You need to know that dark colors will significantly reduce the eyes, while bright colors will visually magnify the eyes because they give more depth. You should definitely use a light eye shadow, preferably in combination with a bright kajal, which you apply in the lower inner eyelid. As white kajal is often much too unnatural, it is better if you choose rose colored eyeliner. Small eyes are never allowed to be covered with a dark eyeliner or kajal.

Tip No. 3 – Put Highlights

To make the look more alert, you can apply some bright eye shadow under the eyebrows, which opens the view. There are also special highlighters for this purpose. Put a point under the eyebrow with such a highlighter. Then blur this point down softly.

Tip No. 4 –

Eyelashes After you have applied the various nuances and veneered and also set highlights, you must now still tidy your eyelashes. This should be done from the outside to the inside, so that the eyelashes align straight and enlarge the eyes. Dark eyelash tint is no matter what eye shape is an indispensable means for an effective eye-contact. Instead of experimenting with a blue, brown, violet or similar eyelash tint, you should only use black eyelash tints. But you can also use masculine. These provide for an aha effect. You should make sure that the mimosas are the longest in the middle. This opens the eye and it works bigger.

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Tip No. 5 – Close-eyed Eye Make-Up

Even with close-up eyes, you can make some optical tricks. In this case, you must give a bright eye shadow in the inner angle of the eye. To the outside, you should be darkened with the nuance, so pull the eyes visually a little further apart. Even with the right eyelid, you can visibly change the eye shape. If the eyes are close to one another, do not start the eyelid at the inner angle of the eye, but place it only at the outer angle, where it may even protrude slightly behind. In the case of loosers, do not draw too thick an eyelid, but also lighter shades than black. In the case of loosestrife, you should also prefer to use matt eye shadow as too shimmering.

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