Makeup Trends 2017

Makeup Trends 2017

Make Up Trends for Spring / Summer 2017

If you look at the Make up Trends for spring / summer 2017, you can now get the right spring feeling. Because in spring and summer we can look forward to fresh colors, especially different shades of red are among the trend colors. Whether it’s a classic red, pink or orange, our lips and eyes are so bright.

In addition, it should shine brightly this season, because are especially metallic eye shadow. The eyelid is more striking in 2017, and the eyebrows are also very distinctive and strongly emphasized.

Beautiful Look is also announced in 2017

If you do not like it so striking and colorful, but you can also put on the Nude look and make up naturally, because in 2017, this trend is still retained. However, this look is spiced up by gleaming gold accents and provides a touch of glamour. The eyelashes are heavily dyed in black, and for the eye makeup you choose a golden shimmering highlighter.

If you have blond hair then you can also use brown mascara, plus a nude eye shadow. Dark-haired women stand an eye shadow in hazelnut in combination with black mascara particularly well. Under the eyebrows, you must then apply some creamy golden eye shadow as a highlighter, and also on the cheeks and the temples may shimmer.

If you do not like it very subtle, you can combine the colors Pink and Gold wonderfully with the make-up, but it does not look colorless.

Top Fragrance for Women

Metallic eye shadows make eyes sparkle

On the big Fashion shows, you could see a different trend in eye make-up: eye shadow in metallic nuances. Eye shadow in silver and bronze fit to most outfits. For a glamorous evening makeup you can use eyeliner with glitter particles. For example, you can apply a shimmering eye shadow in mother-of-pearl, and combine silver-colored eyeliner with it.

An eye shadow in warm bronze works best with black, which gives a great contrast. But if you like it, of course, you do not want to leave the bronze solo.

Eye shadow in red or yellow

In addition to metallic nuances, this year we will also see yellow and red on the eyelids. However, this trend is rather something for women with a darker complexion, otherwise it can look fast.

The look can also look quite natural, by choosing a gentle yellow tone and then putting highlights in green or copper. The complexion then remains rather natural. The cheeks should be emphasized easily with Rouge. On the lips you should put a touch of golden glow.

Eye shadow in red tones is certainly not for everyday life, but rather for a more daring evening make-up. You can achieve a particularly dramatic look by applying false eyelashes. To make the eye make up a bit more subtle, you can choose an eye shadow in a coral tone, and then pull powerful black eyeliner.

Eyebrows are strongly emphasized

While you have hitherto gladly plucked the eyebrows into a narrow shape, you wear them in 2017 bushy and wild. Normally you should choose a color that harmonizes with the hair color, but this season you can also wear it with a darker color.

There is, however, another trend, namely to let the eyebrows look as bleached. This effect can be achieved by using a powder that is brighter than the color of your eyebrows.

The eyelid is also slightly wider than usual this year and can also protrude beyond the outer corner of the eye. You can always wear Smokey Eyes; of course, they will not disappear from the trends.

Lips in red tones

If you emphasize the eyes strongly, then you should be somewhat reserved with your lips. Here is a lipstick in a nude tone, or just a lip gloss. However, the nude lipsticks in this season have a pink engraving.

The classic is red lips, and you can wear this timeless lipstick color even during the day. If the classic tomato red is however too strong, can also put on a slightly lighter raspberry tone. A true summer color is orange, which makes the lips so bright and creates a good mood.

Smokey Eyes or Husky Eyes

Smokey Eyes should be a woman, but now comes a new trend: Husky Eyes. Cat eyes have been very popular for a long time, and now the animal kingdom has inspired the Make up Artist to a new look that is very intense. The eyes are edged with a brown glimmer. The eye color is therefore more intense and the interior of the eye much more white.

Husky Eyes make-up:

First you have to draw a broad eyelid under the eye and then blur. Then you should apply a creamy eye shadow on the upper lid and the lower eyelid and blur. Finally, it is important that you hide the eye shadow from the eyebrows.

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