Happy Valentine Day

Ideas To Give To A Woman On Valentine’s Day

Gifting Ideas To Give To  A Woman On Valentine’s Day

Day Valentine or Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that little by little has been implanted in other countries. On this day you can give your partner anything that shows your love and affection. Although it is important that we show this affection day by day, this date can also be celebrated in a special way. We give you some ideas to give to a woman on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day

Give something original, romantic and economic

In this article, we will give you many ideas to give a woman Valentine’s Day according to the budget you have. But first, we will explain some very simple ideas that you will surely love your partners:

  • Fill the post-its house by telling her how much you love her and how good you are with her. Put one in the bathroom mirror, another in the fridge, another in your bag. Prepare the sandwich or the food to take to school, university or work and also leave a message inside.
  • Fill a pen-drive with different folders. In one put your songs, in other photos since you met and in other some of the SMS, whatsapps or e-mails that you have sent during your relationship. She will love it!
  • Return it to that place where you met, where you gave yourself the first kiss or what you remember because something special happened. The girls are very sentimental and we love to relive the most beautiful moments of our life.
  • Buy a Sensual Fragrance for her, and gift that Perfume with a flower bouquet with a message.
  • Make a little box full of vouchers: it’s worth a kiss, it’s worth a hug, it’s worth a message, and it’s worth a breakfast… Every time she takes a voucher you’ll have to do what he says. You do not have to spend them all on the same day, although you cannot resist!

Give away something sentimental

High budget: give it a hotel night with a romantic dinner included a weekend in the mountains, and a large photo of yourself framed with a message written by you…

Average budget: a dinner in a restaurant, a book of special photos since you started your relationship that you can do through the internet if you download the Hofmann software.

Budget low: a romantic dinner at home, a picture of you framed to put on your desk, a bath of foam and candles in the bathtub… A romantic card made by you.

Give away culture

High budget: tickets to go to the opera or a musical theatre.

Average budget: tickets to go to a concert go to the theatre to listen to monologues…

Low budget: a book, a CD of your favourite singer or group, tickets for an exhibition…

Giving technology

High budget: a laptop, a smartphone, a photo or video camera, an iPod, an eBook…

Average budget: a webcam, a keyboard, wireless mouse or other accessories for your computer.

Low budget: some accessory for your mobile phone or smartphone such as a case, headphones, a pendant…

Give fashion

High budget: give her a coat, a party dress to take her out to dinner or some pretty high-heeled shoes.

Average budget: a bag to leave trimmed, a t-shirt to go to the gym with a photo of your printed, a sweater, and a set of underwear…

Low budget: some gloves, a scarf, a hat, some stockings…

Gift jewellery

High budget: give it some beautiful gold earrings, a white gold ring or a pendant with your initials engraved or a sophisticated watch.

Average budget: give a silver pendant with your initials engraved, a silver ring or a diary clock.

Low budget: give it some costume jewellery: a ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace.

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