Ideas To Give To A Man On Valentine’s Day

Gifting Ideas For A Man On Valentine’s Day


Day Valentine or Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that little by little has been implanted in other countries. On this day you can give your partner anything that shows your love and affection. Although it is important that we show this affection day by day, this date can also be celebrated in a special way. In an NZ Outlet, we give you some ideas to give to a man on Valentine’s Day.

Give something original and economic

Later we will give you many gift ideas for Valentine’s Day depending on the budget you have and the type of gift that you want to make. But first, we want to give you some very original and economic ideas that seem ideal to give a man the next Valentine’s Day:

  • Make a sensual massage to seduce even more if possible. We explain how to do it step by step here.
  • If you both have Instagram a very original idea would be to make a slide photo album with the new Lovestagram application. If you want to know how to do it click here.
  • A man’s aroma is a very special thing, and that’s exactly why the person who should be picking it out for him is you. Find a fragrance that suits him and gift him with a small massage.
  • Make him some Valentine’s cookies with all your love or decorate some cupcakes with little hearts. I’m sure you’ll love it!
  • How would you like to give him a bottle of wine wrapped in tissue paper so that you can drink it both at dinner?
  • You could also give him a little bag full of goodies. To close the bag you could make a cardboard heart with an opening in the middle to be able to take the end of the bag out there.
  • Give her a movie night at home. How to do it? Download a movie you like and leave it ready on TV or computer. Prepare some popcorn and two glasses of wine that will accompany you while you watch the movie.
  • Prepare a romantic breakfast accompanied by a note writing something very nice. You will surely love it! For breakfast put some strawberries and pancakes cut into a heart shape.

Giving technology

Giving technology, whether of the latest news or something that can always be very useful to have on hand, is usually something very successful to give a man:

  • High budget: a laptop, a smartphone, a photo or video camera, an iPod, a GPS or an eBook.
  • Average budget: a video game, a webcam, a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Low budget: some accessory for your mobile phone or smartphone such as a case, headphones, etc.

Give away culture

If your boy is someone who likes to cultivate his mind, what better gift than some culture? According to your tastes and your budget, here are some ideas to enjoy music, theatre, cinema and other arts:

  • High budget: some tickets to go to the opera or a musical theatre play.
  • Average budget: tickets to go to a concert go to the theatre to listen to monologues.
  • Low budget: a book, a CD of your favourite singer or group or tickets for an exhibition.

Give away something sentimental

A gift that never fails is one that has some sentimental meaning. So, we encourage you to try one of these details that you will surely love your boy:

  • High budget: give it a digital photo frame with photos that remind you of the most special moments you have spent together or a weekend in a hotel or country house.
  • Average budget: make a book with selected photos since you started the relationship. There are different websites where you can do it. You only need to download the software and have the photos scanned.
  • Low budget: make a card made by you.

 Giving sports

If you are going to give something to a man who likes to take care of his body we advise you to look for one of these options and, thus, you will be able to easily:

  • High budget: give it a unique experience like jumping from a plane by parachute or a weekend in the snow to practice winter sports.
  • Average budget: give him a sports backpack, sportswear or any other accessory he needs for the sport he practices; Invite him to ice skating and a snack or an afternoon of bowling.
  • Low budget: invite your gym to spend the afternoon with him doing sports, go running, play a game of tennis, paddle or rent a few inline skates.

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