Hairstyles with Different Braids

Hairstyles with Different Braids

Find the one that stays with your personality.

Crown of braid

It is a pretty comfortable braid, which will make you look fashionable. You must separate your hair in two, on one side you will make a normal braid, light, and on the other you will begin to braid and pass through the part of the forehead so that back together both braids. Easy peasy!

Sewing Braid

It is somewhat conservative, but it is still fashionable. It is very easy and practical for a hair collected. Separate your hair first in two and from each side take a small part to make a thin braid, you will have to cross the braids from side to side. Then you will have to make two braids with the hair that was loose and to finish you will do the same, cross them from side to side and jam it with a small pin.

Collect with two braids

It is a braid that looks too long, is not as complicated as it seems. Separate your hair in two parts, weave each side in half, and when you have both tissues you must attach them, tie the braids with a small garter and comb the rest of the hair.

Knot Braid

It is a very easy hairstyle that you can look for a casual day or some special occasion. All you need to do is brush your hair and some small rubber bands, you have to put the hair to one side, tie it with a small garter and open the hair in half to be able to cross the part of the loose ponytail. You will do this until you finish the braid.

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Waterfall Braid

Looks pretty good, and it’s fashionable, it’s easy to do. You must divide your hair in half in the front, each side begins by making a braid of three strands and each that crosses the top part adds hair, but only from the top, gives the length you want to the braid and fix it with a garter, repeat these steps with the second braid.

Braid in Circle

It is a very father’s braid, which will make you look cool and fashionable, as you wear a braid and loose hair at the same time. Just go between knitting always leaving a smooth dude in the middle, with a pin will cross each guy to be open and look like circles.

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