L'Instant de Guerlain

GuerlainL’Instant de Guerlain for women Perfume Review

L’Instant de Guerlain – Sensual Moments of Eternity from the House of Guerlain

Perfumed water L’Instant Eau de Parfum from Guerlain and perfumes (Extrait De Parfum) launched in 2003, L’Instant de Guerlain Eau de Toilette toilet water – 2005.

Perfume L’Instant de Guerlain (El Instant de Gerlen) is a modern classic, moments of which will remain in eternity, an incredibly deep and piercingly gentle, elegant and nice fragrance created by the legendary GUERLAIN brand in 2003 for refined and sensual women. L’Instant de Guerlain – this refined desire to capture the moments of love and tenderness, is an amazing opportunity to constantly change and surprise, remaining desirable and unforgettable.

GuerlainL’Instant de Guerlain for womenThe author of a unique, seductively sweet, soft and sensual oriental flower arrangement is the famous “Nose” Maurice Roucel (Maurice Russell), owner of many prestigious prizes in the field of perfumery, including the Prix Francois Coty (Prize of François Coty) in 2002. He created an indisputable masterpiece that carefully preserves the traditions of Guerlain with carefully intertwined modern trends.

Moments, meetings, memories, dreams, all these delicate pieces of time in L’Instant de Guerlain were masterfully interpreted by the perfumer through the delicate and complex polyphony of the Chinese magnolia, filling the space with the sensual liveliness of its timbre, layering transparency and light. To create this unique “two-layer pyramid” special honey-citrus decorations are being created, which enthusiastically accompany the magnolia from opening to the final notes. Until now, magnolia essential oil (its fragrance is distinguished by a rich floral creamy smell with a touch of sweet vanilla and lemon tints) has never been a part of the fragrances created by the House of Guerlain. The debut took place thanks to Maurice Roussel, who most of all likes to work with this ingredient, using it practically in all his creations.

The introduction of L’Instant de Guerlain, composed of notes of bergamot and mandarin, fills the aura of aroma with a stream of radiant, sublime freshness. Almost simultaneously, a powdery white bouquet of voluptuous magnolia, intoxicating shades of ylang-ylang and jasmine sambak is blossoming. Sensual, caressing and mysterious harmony at the heart of the composition is created by intertwining the classical vanilla chord (from benzoin resins) with soft enveloping notes of honey, whose slyness is absorbed by citrus, with the irresistible feminine warmth of amber and the pulsating intimacy of seductive musk.

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Eau de Toilette L’the Instant for women, introduced in 2005, has more recent and not so sweet as the version Eau de Parfum sound.

The elegant design of the L ‘Instant bottle from Guerlain (Moments of Guerlain) is a thorough reflection of the sensual fragrance, the perfect repository for exquisite fragrant luxury. A bottle made of expensive massive glass with a delicate amethyst shade has a rectangular shape with a rounded base. Jewelry sculpture, permeated with honey light aromatic liquid, crowned by no less beautiful lid.

The face of the advertising company L’Instant de Guerlain was the Belgian model Ingrid Parewijck. Photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Also in the collection of L’Instant from the French company Gerlen entered limited edition fragrance – silky L’Instant de Guerlain Eau de Noel Iris Millesime (2005), light and refreshing L’Instantd’UnEte (2006) and joyful L’Instant de Guerlain Fleur de Mandarine (2007). The magic version – L’Instant Magic was created in 2007, with the subsequent update of GuerlainL’InstantMagique Elixir (2009). A pair of men’s perfumes L’Instant de Guerlain pour Homme was released in 2004.


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