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Foundation Make up Tips and Tricks 2017

When it comes to the subject of makeup, many women often do not know what to say. We would like to explain the term “Foundation” to you today.

Blotches can be concealed

For many women not only a beautiful hairstyle but also a successful make-up to a well-groomed appearance. With the help of Make Up, you can not only change your appearance, but it is also possible to conceal impurities, bumps, marks or other blemishes. For many women, it is, therefore, part of the daily ritual to make up. However, what is often the problem with the whole thing is the fact that many women do not know how to use certain products or some women sometimes do not even know what the products are good at all.

Foundation: Foundation of the complexion

We would like to bring you closer to the Foundation. The foundation is the basis for the entire make-up. One also speaks of the primer. In the so-called primer of the complexion, cover-pin and make-up are used. When purchasing the Foundation, it is not only very important that you pay attention to the right nuance, it is also important that you apply the Foundation properly. Please note that you should pay attention to what you should consider when buying and applying the Foundation.

Foundation Makeup NZ

10 tips about the Foundation


  • Many women like to use a foundation as a basis for the complete make-up as it provides for a smooth complexion. A foundation, however, is not meant to give the face more color, so the nuance should always correspond to the natural complexion since otherwise it quickly looks masked and unnatural.
  • A foundation is perfect if it is not recognized as such. Therefore, you must pay attention to good lighting when you buy the Foundation. The best thing to do is, of course, daylight, because otherwise, you could experience a nasty surprise after applying makeup in daylight.
  • Never try to test the color of a foundation on the back of the hand, as the color of the skin can differ greatly from the face. If you do not find the optimal shade in the shop, you can also mix two colors. To do this, place both of them slightly on the back of your hands and mix them with your finger.
  • In addition, the purchase of the Foundation also depends on the individual skin type. There is a foundation in quite different textures, so you should choose a product according to your skin type accordingly. If you are prone to big pores or already have small wrinkles, then you should have a foundation that is not too strong. If the Foundation covers too much, wrinkles and large pores are unfavorably emphasized. For masseuse or impure skin, you should opt for a matting foundation; especially mineral-based primers are very well tolerated. If you have very dry skin, then you should look for a product that will keep your skin moisturized, so that it will remain beautifully supple.

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  • Apply the foundation:
  • When applying the foundation, make sure that no edges are formed on the neck and on the hairline. Some wear the foundation with a sponge; others prefer applying a special foundation brush. Here you have to decide yourself with what you better manage. As a rule, application with a brush is better, and it is more economical because the sponge is absorbing some of the product.
  • In principle, you should always start with the application in the middle of your face. Then work your way out. On the T-Zone, you always need the best opacity, but the foundation will be less on the outside.
  • If you have impurities, you can cover them with a concealer before or after applying the foundation. To achieve this, use the finger to create a natural look.
  • If you have applied too much foundation, you can dab it with a cosmetic towel. Pay particular attention to the fact that there is no foundation in the wrinkles and nasal wings.
  • If the foundation is on the face, then you must fix it with a light, transparent powder to keep it as long as possible and the face is beautifully matted. Such a powder is particularly advantageous for women with a shiny skin. It is best to apply such a powder to the skin with a cosmetic brush. You should start applying the powder on the hairline. Then work from top to bottom. Be careful not to use too much powder.
  • If your skin flakes, you should make a peeling before applying the foundation and use a good moisturizer.

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