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Eye Makeup Tips 2018

Eye Makeup Tips To Perfect Your LookThe best makeup tips of all time … for eye makeup

Makeup tips for eye makeup

A flirtation always starts with eye contact. It is therefore worth paying special attention to the make-up of the eye. This is also the case with the professionals, who make an absolute impression with the right make-up technique and matching colors from every pair of eyes. Eyes: We have the make-up tips of the experts!

Make-up tips with eye-guarantee

Large, small, round, with or without visible crease: Eyes may be very different shapes. Professionals go on a, lift with (eg a bright blue iris) produced and conceals small blemish.

At the same time know the makeup experts but also what tricks eyes bumble look bigger. Basically, the bigger the eyes, the more attractive we look. Not least, the professionals also know the right products that, for example, make eyelashes fuller and ensure that eye shadow does not settle. So be careful: Who knows the professional make-up techniques, knows exactly how eyes get great.

Thus, the eye shadow keeps extralange

Whether powder or cream consistency: After some time the eye shadow can settle in the fold of the eyelid. An unsightly thick line across the mobile lid is the visible result. For this to happen, professionals wear an eye shadow base and let them slip into the skin before applying Eye shadow.

The base brightens the lid and compensates color differences (veins, dark shadows). The skin becomes the perfect ‘canvas’ for the later color. At the same time the eye shadow adheres so well to the base that settling or smearing does not occur.

Latest Collection of Eye Shadow

XXL eyelashes

For most much Lash wear makeup professionals first a ‘base’ to the hair on. This mostly white primer envelops the individual eyelashes, so that they are even more voluminous and longer before the ink. Some of these products even have a nourishing effect. Let dry short, then mascara applied – that are the XXL-eyelashes!

Eyelid folds

For an intense look and round, waking eyes, makeup experts emphasize the eyelid fold with a darker tone than the rest of the eye shadow. For normal eyelids simply place the brush directly in the fold and slightly veneer upwards.

The problem with lipids: The fold is not visible at all. Therefore, before applying makeup, determine which area of ​​the eyelid is visible with the eye open and then paint exactly this.


Top tip for narrow, small or deep eyes: First paint the entire eyelid with a matt eye shadow. Then dyed strongly shimmering eye shadows from the same color family to the middle of the lid – directly above the pupil – and veneer well. The shine opens the eye and makes it look bigger and more alert.

Branded Collection of Eye Liner

Open eyelashes

Very straight eyelashes appear shorter than they actually are. This is a pity, because long eyelashes open the eye and make the look more alert. In order not to give away the potential of the hairs, no professional does not forego the eyelashes before the ink.

Simply pinch the hairs as close to the lash as possible between the two rubber strips and gently squeeze a minute or two. Who warms the tongs in advance with the hair dryer, gets even more momentum in the hairs. So that no annoying kinks come into the eyelashes, at a second and third place in the direction of eyelash tips again.

Choose the right eyelid

An eyelid is always a good choice, because it emphasizes the eyes quite discreetly and makes the eyelashes look fuller. But how exactly the line looks on the upper cilia edge has an influence on how the painted eye works later.

Narrow eyes make professionals look more rounded by pulling the eyeliner across the entire upper eyelash wreath. Directly over the pupil, the line is the widest, to the sides it tapers again.

Drooping eyelids and ‘hanging’ eyes are best optically corrected when the eyeliner only begins in the middle of the lid. At the beginning it is very fine and then becomes wider and wider.

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