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No. 18 Chanel Les Exclusifs – floral “perfume of high jewelry art”

No. 18 Chanel Les Exclusifs

Eau de toilette Chanel №18 Les Exclusifs – 2007 year.

Chanel No18 – an exclusive floral perfume, part of the collection of Les Exclusifs, which was presented by the House CHANEL in 2007. “Aroma of high jewelry art” created a staff perfumer Chanel Jacques Polge. According to the “jeweler” –   No. 18, this is his favorite in an exclusive collection, which is surprising for a person who loves oakmoss and oriental motifs. The new fragrance is called the house number on the Place Vendome in Paris, opposite which the Ritz Hotel has long lived Gabriella Chanel, and since 1997 at this address is a boutique jewelry Chanel.

Chanel No. 18 – the embodiment of respect for the jewelry created by Coco Chanel. The first collection of the Great Mademoiselle, Bijoux de Diamants, consisting of platinum and diamonds, was launched in 1932 with the words: “It’s easy to wear CHANEL ornaments – they do not fetter the freedom of a woman, but only emphasize it.” Precious fragrance Chanel No. 18 – “the smell of happy wanderings, laid-back and free, likes Coco Chanel itself.”

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Perfume Chanel No 18 Les Exclusifs – a fragrant creation of impeccable jewelry chic, full of graceful bends of the Coco style. The extraordinary, rare beauty of Chanel №18 is embodied through a jewelry trio – diamond placers of seeds of ambrette, amethyst of iris and emeralds of roses.

The priceless necklace of the fragrant composition is composed around the seed of the ambrette (the seed of the flowers of the Hibiscus Abelmoschus), which has a multifaceted character. It is a vegetable and very expensive ingredient that perfumes use to replace musk in their spirits. An excellent feature of the musket of the ambrette adds an unexpected, subtle-sensual hue to No. 18, which evokes memories of not only the jewels themselves but also the jewels that adorn the warm, clean, smooth, velvety female skin. The smell of the seeds of the ambrette plays an elusive, intangible diamond fireworks of sweet fruit, fresh and floral shades. Colors are abstract, watercolor vague – there is no specific flower or fruit – there is a large fragrant armful. Another unique reflection for№ 18 Les Exclusifs de Chanel gives a slightly intoxicating note of cognac or tart wine, in its small role giving an exciting fascination to the moment. Around the main pattern, in the harmonious rush, the upper amethysts of iris are scattered, which adds to the composition a cool, clear, flickering glow of earthy, powdered-cream shades. Emerald droplets of green roses give completeness to the perfume chord, lifting it in an ethereal glow.

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Eau de toilette # 18 from Chanel is perfect for warm summer and spring days. The freshness and lightness of perfume are ideal for work in the office.

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