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Chanel Egoiste – provocative classics of perfumery art

Eau de toilette (eau de toilette) Chanel Egoiste was created in 1990.

In April 1990, the company Chanel introduced a new male woody-oriental, spicy flavor, which for 20 years occupies a place of honor among the masterpieces of perfume art. Classic Chanel Egoiste composed “Nose” at CHANEL’s house Jacques Polge (Jacques Polge) and, according to the master, Egoiste still remains his favorite child. The basis for the creation was the perfume Bois Noir (“Black Tree”) de Chanel, released in 1987 in a limited edition.

Chanel Egoiste Perfume shoppingEgoiste from Chanel – “an invigorating fragrance for independent, fully confident men.” A fiery force, a fiery passion, a daring seduction and a secret room from the mysteries of true nature – this is the richness of the temperament of the egoists, sweet nectar for luxurious women.

Chanel Egoist is a woody-oriental fragrance that, with its luxurious and unconventional composition, defies the conservative traditions of men’s perfumes, because, according to Jacques Polge, Chanel Egoiste from Chanel was “inspired by the scent of a woman”. The combination of spices, woods, and flowers blend into amazing proportions of exquisite fragrant sculpture, a unique harmonious harmony. Perfumery liquor intoxicates with the depth of sensual emotions and warms the sweet warmth. At the same time, his eyes are demanding and clear. Exotics Chanel Egoist pours Homme restrained, masterfully understated, without superfluous embellishments, in true Chanel style.

The provocative name of the fragrance deserved an appropriate advertising company. Television advertising Egoiste (directed by Jean-Paul Goode) has become an example, as one of the most daring, brilliant and dramatic. In the video, the presentation of the fragrance cost the man, Prokofiev’s immortal music, and hysterical female cries addressed to you personally – the Egoist: “Egoist, where are you?” Stop hiding, selfish man! Look at my fury! I’ll be adamant! Oh, anger?! You betrayed my love, will I be able to live knowing this shame? Show yourself, egoist! “(Words from the play of the French playwright 17th century Pierre Corneille).

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The fragrant composition Egoiste (Egoist) opens with a tantalizing juicy citrus sweetness of Sicilian mandarin laidChanel Egoiste Perfume Review out on an exotic dish from a Brazilian rosewood (wood of a row of tropical trees or “rosewood”) and adorned with a spicy diadem of Caucasian coriander so delicately emphasizing bright notes of freshness against the background of the mysterious eastern beauty . The warm top gently flows into the hot flower heart of the damask rose. Her tenacious lines have made a mirage of arbors among the dunes, offering delightfully aroma. Gradually, subtle magic changes the shade of the petals to a spicier, thanks to the carnation, and then the pink fragrance, picked up by the typhoon of Ceylon cinnamon, turns into a “gourmet dream”, in the ego of the perfume Egoiste Chanel. Rich daisy attire is embroidered with golden threads of transparent-soft vanilla, precious dry sandalwood lightness and fiery seeds of ambrette seeds (Muscat hibiscus seeds). Such a final chord is like a slumbering lion – it emphasizes the noble strength, courage, energy, and confidence of future victories.

Eau de Chanel Eau de Toilette adds to your classic image the royal self-indulgence of the egoist. This is an impeccable choice for demanding men with a good style.

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The complex texture of elegant and unique Egoiste from Chanel is recommended for use in the autumn-winter period as an evening perfume.

In 1994, the lighter version of the original Chanel Egoiste – Chanel Egoiste Platinum was released.

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