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Chanel Antaeus – cult masterpiece of the perfumery mythology of the eighties from CHANEL

Eau de toilette Chanel Antaeus Pour Homme – 1981 year

Chanel Antaeus – a cult flavor of the eighties from the company CHANEL, specially created for men who felt the perfume of thirst in 1981. The ingenious staff perfumer of Chanel House, Jacques Polje, presented the legendary life to one of the most successful creations of the brand. The main idea of Antaeus lies in the embodiment of the image of a man of the 80’s. In place of the uncompromising power, dominance and pronounced dominance in the “struggle of the sexes,” a new hero came, adding a modern view of many problems, flexibility in decision-making and, of course, sensual openness to nature to the courageous sides of the character. According to CHANEL, “men can be both strong and vulnerable, and ANTAEUS, as the fragrance reminds us of this, hinting at the theme of masculinity with tenderness and condescension.” Antey’s fragrance from Chanel is powerful as a mythological deity and subtle as a person.

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Chanel Antaeus is named after the ancient Greek mythological demigod Anteus – the son of the goddess Chanel Antaeus Fragrance Reviewof the Earth, Gaia, and the god of the seas of Poseidon – a symbol of masculinity and vulnerability at the same time, a symbol that best reflected the essence of the perfume from Chanel. According to legend, the demigod Anteus was completely invulnerable – but only as long as he stood on the mother Earth. Only one weak point of Anteia was taken by Hercules, who lifted Antaeus above the ground and thereby deprived him of his strength.

Antaeus Chanel – a bright and unique mixture of aldehyde, woody notes, with spicy-floral shades, giving a special chic. The fragrant composition of Antaeus circulates in the traditionally-loved perfumers Chanel of an abstract dance of harmonious pas. Antey is a divine gift of power, which sparkles with a powerful stream of confidence, masculinity, and sensual energy.

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Anteyin the sparkling opening of the composition offers to enjoy the rich wood-chypre aroma of dry, flexible and powerful forests, intoxicating the illusory smell of Spanish moss, carefully wrapped up branches of ancient trees. In the mythical chord, strong notes of alpine Alpine lavender, Muscatine sage and myrtle are woven – the symbol of peace, eternal love, and glory. Graciously balanced on the accents of the first harmony butterfish-fresh citrus drops of lime and bergamot. The juicy heart of mahogany sandalwood and the leaves of Indonesian patchouli with light hints of a spice of thyme and basil, and the delicate, exquisite flowers of jasmine and rose, absorbs with its depth, richness, and durability the loud first part of the perfume play. The reliable energy of a spicy, sweet and slightly dusty chord fills the ancient Greek hero with power from his mother, Earth. This epic narrative brings to the bottom the idea of a divine, massive earthen sensuality. The long aromatic plume is transmitted by the dominant notes of incense, beeswax with accents of leather, castoreum (beaver jet) and oakmoss.

Chanel Perfumes NZThe symbolic connection with the land of the toilet water Chanel Antaeus Pour Homme found its expression in a smooth, glass bottle of black color and a red perfume package. Perfume Chanel Antaeus can be worn at any time of the year and time of day. Entering into a dialogue with your skin, the fragrance will warm in cold weather, and freshen in warm. Antey is suitable for all situations and meetings and has a fantastic duration.

A strict, classic perfume of the 80s, which has not lost its relevance in modern conditions, is an excellent choice for mature men who stand steadily on their feet and choose their own life course. Antey from Chanel is ideal for men who are waiting for a strong, powerful, sensual fragrance.

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