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Bleu de Chanel – long-awaited perfume novelty from CHANEL

Bleu de Chanel for man

Toilet water (eau de toilette) Bleu de Chanel went on sale in 2010.

On the Internet, they call men’s blues chanel, chanel blues perfume, bleached chanel.

On August 19, 2010, on the memorable birthday of Coco Chanel, the long-awaited presentation of a completely new male fragrance Bleu de Chanel from the perfume house CHANEL was being prepared. Nineteen years of patience gave Bleu de Chanel (Blue de Chanel) – a woody flavor with citrus notes, sealed with freshness and energy.

Jacques Polge – the permanent author of fragrant masterpieces for the French brand since 1978 – breathed a second life into the name of the same Chanel spirits produced in 1931. Le Bleu de Chanel was created together with Le Rouge de Chanel and Le Beige de Chanel to emphasize the colors of the last prewar collection of clothes by Mademoiselle Coco. Noble, mysterious blue color is associatively embodied in the classic chic inherent in modern perfume.

Bleu De Chanel Perfume ReviewJacques Polge in his interview commented on his creation: “With Bleu de Chanel, I wanted to get a frank, direct and pure male fragrance … I was testing all the raw materials that we collect and I was looking for what we could To do and say that this is different from what has already been created, and, of course, what can be found today in the hearts of men. Chanel Bleu is refined in some elements, in others it breathes freshness, then spice, and then the aridity of woody it’s also very sexy! ” Bleu de Chanel was created to glorify the freedom and masculinity of a modern man.

A minute commercial for the new male fragrance from Chanel was shot by the brilliant director Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese), the author of many masterpieces of modern cinema. “Working with Martin Scorsese, who is one of the best, if not the best directors to date, is Chanel’s privilege and dream, which the brand managers have been dreaming of for quite some time,” said President of Chanel Fragrance and Beaute Andrea D’Avac. The main hero of the mini-movie and, correspondingly, the face of the advertising company Chanel Bleu de Chanel was the young but already famous French actor Gaspard Ullier (“The Brotherhood of the Wolf”, “The Long Engagement”).

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The slogan of a bright and audacious perfume: “Be unpredictable!” The disclosure of this image was embodied in the video clip – he tells the story of a man who is trying to win the heart of a woman (played by the Ingrid Scar model) to the sound of the song “She Said Yeah” (“She said, yes”) of the Rolling Stones. The protagonist is a successful and purposeful man who is not afraid to live and love according to his own rules. Perfume Bleu de Chanel only expressively emphasizes the passion and romance of his holistic nature.

Bleu from Chanel is not “graphic,” a strict and severe fragrant definition of “deep blue sea,” and a sketch in the style and variety of imperialism. Its classical composition is amazing with its dynamic unpredictability.

Chanel Bleu meets with a complex and breathtaking chord of forest smells against the background of the sea landscape. All this with a hint of the salty nap in a sun-heated sandy beach, where the roar of waves echoes an emotional surge from lemon acid and grapefruit grains, flavored with the sweetness of fruit.

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The aroma of Bleu de Chanel is revealed by the freshness of citrus notes: bergamot, orange and lemon tree, with a strong contrast of grapefruit peel. The cool effect of the top is flavored with spicy pink pepper and sweet steel peppermint hammers. “Temperature” Bleu de Chanel gently warm up the nutmeg and ginger, and the smell of pepper mixed with the smoky vetiver and jasmine flower colors add even more warmth and sexuality to the hearth depth of the fragrant bouquet. The notes seem to move towards each other in space, flowing into each other, and interwoven with live colors in wet watercolor frames. The composition with its whole essence is directed to the wood, associated with a strong masculine character, combinations of dry, noble notes of cedar and red sandalwood. A dark forest full of mysteries is covered with a clean, grassy patchouli carpet. And the incense smoke of incense resin in Chanel Blue offers a little dreaming and a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Eau de toilette Bleu de Chanel is packed in the severity of clear lines, closed in a square shape of a dense, massive vial of deep blue-black color, with a sapphire side edging. Magnetized cap confidently “grasps” the top. This design solution emphasizes the concept of perfume as much as possible and looks luxurious and attractive. The fragrance is universal in application, as a well-cut suit, although it initially occupies a niche of sports scents.

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