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Perfume Review – Giorgio Armani Armani Mania pour Homme

Eau de toilette Armani Mania for Men Eau de Toilette from of Armani Giorgio – launched in 2002

Armani Mania for Men (Armani Mania for Men) is a modern men’s perfume with noble classic features, represented by the popular Giorgio Armani trademark (Giorgio Armani) in 2002. Aroma Armani Mania is the embodiment of elegance and sincerity, reflecting the exquisite and comfortable style of legendary men’s suits from Armani Fashion House.

The author of the courageous and charming, fresh woody-spicy with amber notes of the composition was the famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (Francis Kurkjian).

Opening the veil over the fascinating and sexy base chord of Armani Mania, the fleeting discovery is amazing in its refreshing citrus-grass aurora created by a mixture of mandarins and soft saffron spiciness. This simple combination of fragrant notes saturates harmony with a very modern and highly elegant sound. Filled with courage and strength, the warm woody chord in the “heart” of the Armani Mania perfume pyramid is made up of notes of cedar and vetiver. Sensual dry plume woven from velvet, slightly sweet threads of musk and mysterious amber.

Published in the concentration of eau de toilette, the men’s fragrance Armani Mania Homme is perfect for everyday use and, first of all, as a restrained office or romantic evening fragrance. And its freshness and purity are perfect for spring and summer.

The official “face” of the advertising company of the men’s cologne Armani Mania from the brand of Giorgio Armani was the model from Britain James Penfold (James Penfold). The photographer of the project is Steven Klein (Stephen Klein).

Two years later, a pair of women perfume – perfume Armani Mania pour Femme (2004) was introduced. The Armani Company also issued a limited edition summer flankers Armani Mania for men and women – Summer Mania Homme and Femme Summer Mania in 2006, Summer Mania Eau Fraiche pour Homme and Summer Mania Eau Fraiche pour Femme in 2007.

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