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Armani Mania pour Femme – a dazzlingly elegant and sensual fragrance for a modern business woman from Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Armani Mania pour Femme

Perfumery water Armani Mania Eau de Parfum for women from Giorgio Armani – launched in 2004

Perfume Armani Mania is a modern, dazzlingly elegant and slightly flirtatious, sensual and exquisite feminine fragrance, one of the most successful in the perfume collection of the Italian Fashion House Giorgio Armani. Presented in 2004, the elite perfume Armani Mania was proclaimed a symbol of femininity, filled with restless energy and comforting tenderness.

A complex and ideal balanced floral, woody-musky composition was made by an outstanding perfumer Dominique Ropion.

A bright, rather sharp, refreshing blend of sharp citrus shades of green mandarin and herbaceous spicy notes of the Moroccan bay leaves with a refined pulsating spice of pink pepper, as well as the tart fruit black semipro scents in the opening of the Armani Mania women are counterbalanced by a lush floral chord of the “heart”. A beautiful combination of soft and feminine floral notes of peony, iris, lily of the valley and amazing magnolia gives way to the sensual luxury of the basic chord. In the ending of the modern female fragrance, Armani Mania, the classic for the brand perfumery is a consonance of warm wood of virgin cedar, white sandalwood, silky musk, amber and sexual shades of velvet vanilla, distinguished by their creamy sweet texture.

Women’s perfumes Armani Mania published in the concentration of Eau de Parfum (Perfumed Water) is a very sexy, simple and stylish everyday fragrance for the smart and charming modern business woman.

The model from Brazil Leticia Birkheuer was invited to participate in the advertising photo session of the female fragrance Armani Mania. Photographers of the project – Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

The pair man’s perfume Armani Mania pour Homme was created in 2002. The Armani Company also issued the limited edition summer flankers Armani Mania for men and women – Femme Summer Mania and Summer Mania Homme in 2006, Summer Mania Eau Fraiche pour Femme and Summer Mania Eau Fraiche pour Homme in 2007.

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