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Amor Amor By Cacharel Perfume Review

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Different manufacturing companies produce their perfumes in different shapes, sizes and flavors to make their brand unique among others. These scents have different characteristics; they are bold and strong with long lasting fragrance, while some just blow up in the air soon after you sprinkle them. Some come in light and airy fragrance and some others feel sweet and thick that others may feel only when they hug you. Whatever is their nature of fragrance, the universal truth is that perfumes stimulate the emotions and refresh the memories.

Amor Amor perfume first launched by Cacharel in 2003 is a very refreshing scent with top notes of fruits, floral, fragrant woods and vanilla and it’s an ideal daytime perfume. The pink tone and soft, sweet smell of the Amor Amor is due to top notes from the pink grapefruit and blood orange. The floral note of the perfume is combined with the middle notes that come from lily-of-the-valley and the Indonesian Jasmine flower called Malati. Malati is known for its exceptional beauty and amazing fragrance. The base notes of this stylish smell are ambergris, vanilla, white musk, Tonka bean. The credit for developing such an amorous, flirtatious fragrance goes to two olfactory geniuses known as Laurent Bruyere and Dominique Ropion.

Cheap Perfume for Women in NZ

The fragrance of the perfume is attributed as sweet, light, fruity and floral. The perfume also has an incredibly pleasant and clean smell that refreshes your mood and emotionally satisfies you. Amor Amor does not have a very sharp or strong fragrance that makes some people feel overly fragrant. Once you start using this perfume you will feel how fruity and sweet this perfume is that you feel without being overdone. It has an evoking fresh, attractive and flirty smell making it an ideal perfume to use during your daytime. Your investment in Amor Amor paybacks you when it leaves a fresh impression when you are outdoor.

Cacharel is a perfect perfume for young, adventurous and love seeking women who dream to have a vibrant kissing session with their partner. The original smell of the Amor Amor perfume is very feminine and may feel nasty on women. However, altogether this perfume is fruity, delicious, spicy and pure. It’s so good that when you wear it on people may immediately fall in love with it and you may be chocked up with curious questions. Amor Amor perfume truly satisfies the women desire to look and feel unique and fresh wherever they go.

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Cheap Perfume for Women in NZ

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