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9 Tips for Optimal Lip Care

lips care tips onlineEasy Steps to Take Care of Your Lips

Just as we give our facial skin care, as well as our lips have to take care of. But what does an optimal lip care look like?

The lips are very thin

Lips need a special care because they are exposed to the UV radiation in the open air always. Many women and men also suffer from brittle lips, so that a good care is indispensable. You need to know that the lip skin is very thin compared with the skin in the rest of the face. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is also very sensitive. Especially the cold season makes our lips strong, because in the winter they are not only frequently exposed to the cold, but they also have to change from cold to warm and are exposed to the heating air, which leads to easier drying. This is why, especially in winter, you must ensure that your lips are regularly moisturized.

What care products are the right ones?

There are a wide range of lip care products on the market, which is the right thing to do, and you have to find your own needs and the condition of your lips. We’ve put together a few tips for you to help you keep your lips healthy or even to heal. So here are our tips for a perfect lip care.

9 tips for optimal lip care

Daily Care:

Basically, you can always apply Melkfett, marigold ointment or Vaseline on your lips. This keeps your lips smooth and supple. In addition, you can prevent your lips from drying out and become rough and chapped accordingly.

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Maintain lips overnight:

Go before you sleep, you should also give a fatty care on the lips, because during sleep, the skin regenerates best.

Panacea Honey:

What lips also do very well is honey, this you can easily enter between every now and again on the lips, for he not only tastes good, but also has a healing and soothing effect.

Moisture and elasticity:

What lips also does very well is a facial steam. Three to four times a week you can make a chamomile steam bath. Just add a few flowers in a bowl of hot water. Let the whole thing be briefly briefed and breathe the soothing fumes with a towel over your head. Five to ten minutes are enough.

Apply lipstick:

Before applying a lipstick, you should always apply cream your lips. This makes them very supple, because cracks and irregularities are smoothed. Cream your lips before, and then the lipstick will last much longer.

Lips in summer:

Even in summer, you must not neglect your lips; therefore a good sunscreen is important. There are special lip care pads, which contain a high UV filter, in this way your lips are optimally protected in the summer.

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Delicate lips:

If you have very sensitive lips, then you should avoid lip balm and balm with smell and / or taste, even the addition of mint irritates the sensitive lips often rather more.

Open, chapped lips:

In the case of open, chapped lips, you should prefer a product from the pharmacy get, because above all the emphasis on the curative effect and less to the cosmetic benefit. You can use something like a lip balm for dry lips make himself well. For this you need 5 grams of wax, 5 grams of cocoa butter and 10 grams of almond oil. Put everything in a bowl. Then you must heat the ingredients in a water bath. Stir the ingredients together and place in a pan. Allow to cool, done!

Rough lips:

If your lips are rough, you can make a kind of peeling by using a clean toothbrush and massage the lips slightly so. Thus, dead skin cells are removed and, at the same time, the blood circulations are stimulated, then immediately apply a care product.

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